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  1. I have often pondered this. My Cosworth engine runs blue and its very rust inside everything. It seems the ant-corrosion aspect of anti-freeze is as total waste of time. Also kept in a heated garage so itsv never going to freeze anyway.
  2. Compared with an Escort Fiesa's are good value. I suppose it depends on what you want. If you want a car to drive then yes its a good buy as Im sure it goes nicely. If you want to 'invest' then its always going to be hampered by the no standard items.
  3. I have heard that noise before but cant for the life of me remember what it was. Very annoying though. If and when I remember I will let you know.
  4. Very dificult to put a price on. If someone is restoring a Twin cam or something and wants period carbs I would imagine you could name your price. These days though most either go for new Spanish ones or EFI. Put em on Fleabay, you never know.
  5. Im loving the snap outside Burtons. The spiritual home of the Capri.
  6. We are talking Idle jets here and not Immulsion tubes? They also have an 'F' designation number.
  7. If it is anything like most I strip down the answer is very little.😁
  8. Any members on here have cars in the pics?
  9. Ah, where they have the County show. Gutted I missed it. The old Mex could do with a day out.
  10. Yep, Get some pics up, its easy. You wont get roasted on this site. we love all Fords.
  11. That is proper nasty. A wake-up call to us all.
  12. What engine is it? If I was you I would go back to basics. Firstly is there enough fuel pressure and flow? check fuel pump and filters etc. Tune the carbs using mixture screws, remember part throttle opening are regulated by these not just idle. Are your float height correct? Again critical and often masked by adjustment of mixture screws. Do you have a good healthy ignition system? remember ignition system is under most load when accelerating due to initial ritch mixture. Is there any inlet leaks? again often masked with adjustment of idles. Eliminate the above then look into re-jetting etc.
  13. Oh dear. Looks like there was a fatality. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-48093555
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