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  1. stupid new forum, keeps changing words!
  2. sorry, that was suposed to say Retards Club- dont know what happened there
  3. It belongs to either Dennis or Mark Randle. if your on Still retards club you could contact them through the OFSFC page or maybe Mk2 Jo (moderator) can point you in the right direction if they are on here as i dont know their user names.
  4. i just had a look on the website, too late to book a car in now and dont fancy leaving the hotrod in the car park......
  5. could be any thing from motorbike to a lawn mower, rotavator - you name it, these small stationary engines went in it. would need to see some better pictures to have more to go on
  6. your capri certainly sounded bad ass when you pulled up on to the stand sunday morning. i was working on my v8 100e at the time. was awake at 04:30 so got up early and cracked on with it
  7. Best show of the year i think, for varied cars.......
  8. can you PM me it then please Scott cheers
  9. ive been curious in the past,can we have access, then it might get used more
  10. just turn up (early) and sign on and be prepared to do a lot of waiting around. if your local try and stick around till the end of the day as alot of people leave early afternoon. then you can probably get more runs in
  11. indeed, shell was the same size. i broke my original screen but didnt know to measure it at the time. i sourced a new screen and rubber but it leaked like mad. i ended up getting an original seal from capri gear. was a really tight fit getting it in but doesnt leak now
  12. Adams motors at Burnt mill, Harlow never had a problem with them and they appreciate a classic
  13. never seen that before but i dont use it on my phone,only the lap top. think messenger is only on phones
  14. Vista, would it be the same thread for a steel sump? thanks
  15. ive a set of slotmag wheels you could have for 50quid, set of 5 all need new tyres and a refurb to look nice but are structually sound, some curb marks. they are just in my way.................
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