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  1. yes i had a bit of a good buy today, ive been on the lookout for a 1600 pinto head, the early type as it seems the later eco type are no good, mate had an engine in his garage, its been played about with he said, had a vernier on it, ports are a bit rusty, and the cam is buggered, which is a shame as it says 285 on the end of it, went round today to pull it off the block and it looks like its got big valves in it aswell, happy dayz for the bargain price of 50 quid
  2. This is how i made a small rs center cap fit in a big center hole, not perfect, but it is a race car 😁
  3. its been a while since ive updated on here, i have had a 6x13 4 spoke rs alloy that has the same angle spokes as the 7 inch version for donkeys years, group 1 i believe, been looking for another for a while so i could run them on the front with a skinny tyre, a good friend came up trumps with one a few weeks back, and ive slowly been tidying them both up at work in my lunchbreaks and after work. thinking about running a 155 65 13 tyre on them, as they wil be the same size height wise as the rear slicks (i think) not sure how a 155 will fit on a 6 inch rim, has anyone local got one i can borrow to try, im in hertfordshire. also in the process of wiring up some tail lights, got brake lights already, and also gonna wire up lights in all the gauges, as i couldnt see any of them when we were at the pod in the dark, also got an afr gauge nearly fitted aswell, was hoping to run it next year on the bigger nitrous jets, but i found some receipts for the last engine build while looking for timing tickets, and it turns out my engines got 25 quid each pistons in it 😲 i honestly dont know how its stayed together 😆 time for some winter upgrades. more soon 🙂
  4. whats a heater, you boys are so lucky to be out cruising the streets, maybe one day i will return my race car to street duty, but till then will just have to make do with tearing it up at the pod, enjoy the few weekends left, as that winter hibernation is fast approaching 😎
  5. so we made it to the pod, tried some runs on treaded tyres then switched to the slicks, still learning to get off the line, not used to lots of traction, my son took it for a spin round the pits and perimiter road, came back with a big smile across his moosh, 😆 got 7 runs in, quickest was a 14.8 @92mph on the small nitrous jets, put me big boy pants on for the last run and stuck the big nitrous jets back in( not tried them on this engine before, was convinced it was gonna poop itself) it didnt, with a steady launch it pulled like a train, et was a low 15 but mph was up to 97.1. last 2 runs were in the dark aswell, really like that 😎 cant wait for next year now, looking at running in the old skool drag challenge if it goes ahead, and if none road legal cars can take part more soon 🙂
  6. wow, looks like that one will keep you busy for a while, nice job on the rotisserie, look forward to your progress 👍
  7. thanks for the recomendation Ray, they did a nice job on the bolts and bits, quick turn around aswell cheers 👍
  8. ok, didnt know that, cheers for the heads up 👍 all the bolts we had plated are just engine stuff, to make them look pretty, cheers 🙂
  9. So weve booked tickets for the Saturday night special at the pod on the 23rd oct, got the light bar fitted and finished the wiring, also fitted the passenger seat, my youngest son has never had a drive of it, he is only going round the pits in it, but i still dont fancy crouching in the passenger side without anything to hold onto, so the seat is in for now, might even chuck a belt in it so maybe could take a passenger up the strip, got a couple of bits to do still, but also got a week off leading up to it so should be ok More soon 😜
  10. looking good mate 😎 wish i could just jump in mine and take it for a spin down the street 👍
  11. Got the rest of the stripes fitted 😠 poxy job, weve decided to try and get to the pod for one last blast this year, aiming for the 23rd of October its a saturday night special so racing in the dark should be fun, hopefully will get some good pics, as we got no lights i ordered a 20 inch led lightbar off ebay, so tonight ive been wiring up a relay for when it arrives More soon 😁
  12. cheers for that, ive got a blast cabinet at work, so i could give them a blast before we send them over, will give them a call cheers 🙂
  13. can anyone recommend a company to plate some nuts and bolts, my son is restoring a 70's toyota and wants to plate the nuts and bolts. he has rung a local company, but they didnt seem very interested in the job cheers 🙂
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