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  1. Ford Alloy Wheels x 2 Two Ford alloy wheels for sale. As I am unlikely to purchase another car that these would fit they may well find a new home. Sandblasted and ready for paint of your colour choice. 13 inch x 6 £25 each. Location is Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire
  2. Good afternoon all, Allow me to add my contribution to this topic. In my opinion it is perfectly acceptable to request car parts, tools and or garage paraphernalia from the aforementioned big fella in red, at this time of year. Therefore I am due to receive a new de Walt cordless drill (5ah batteries of course), a new de Walt angle grinder and finally, I am informed that if I am a very good boy a set of three of the beautiful cam cover filler caps (direct from Santa Barbara, California) for my various twin cam, cam cover collection. Given that my wife's birthday is on Christmas Eve, this is likely to be an even deal ! Amongst other items including a bottle of extremely expensive perfume, she will also receive a Karcher window vacuum cleaning device (I guess I'll be the one to use that anyway) Hope everyone has a quality Christmas.
  3. Good Morning Everyone My input would be as follows: This appears to be a similar tank arrangement as in my car. My opinion is that exactly as Katana stated you maybe venting the top of your tank straight into the boot. If you have the tube connected from the top vent of the tank to the small pipe adjacent to the filler neck then this is clearly what is happening. The vent at the top of the tank should in my opinion be vented out through the rear of the boot, at the rear and very back of the boot as I think the standard system is. As dt36 states providing you fill the tank carefully this small pipe adjacent to the filler tray should not be necessary and indeed I have blocked mine. When petrol is poured into the tank the air displaced from the tank will then vent out at the bottom, very rear of the boot as previously described. I can confirm that I have no smell of fuel in my car and or small garage other than what would be expected from these old cars. Hope this contribution along with all the others will assist.
  4. Hello Everyone My MK 1 Escort was re painted in Ermine White many years ago as part of the restoration. What numbers/letters would I look at on the plates under my bonnet to establish the original colour, as painted by Ford 49 years ago ? Thank you
  5. So many people advised to stick with 13 inch wheels. Having now fitted my 14 inch Minator set of wheels, I am happy with the result. Always nice to get an opinion so, what does everyone think ?
  6. Good Morning Looking for a bonnet for an Escort MK 1. Must be in good condition, does anyone have one for sale and at what price please ? Thank you
  7. Wanted. Does anyone have for sale a pair of 10 mm or 12mm thickness, alloy hub centric wheel spacers? Thank you
  8. Hello notenoughtime, Thank you for the pointer, I had seen these on ebay 3 days ago and placed them on my watch list. They look OK however, my difficulty would be how I move them 185 miles home to North Lincolnshire, given current lockdown rules. We are unable to travel to collect them however, I am still looking into this. I do like the look of the wheels and am sure they would do the job. Lets see where we go with this. Thank you.
  9. Wanted - a set of alloy wheels, either Minilite, Minator, GB alloys or other Minilite style. Must be 14 inch and either 6 inch or 6.5 inch wide. With or without tyres. Wheels must be in good or very good condition. What does anyone have for sale and at what price please ? Thank you
  10. Hello Does anyone have for sale a rear exhaust bracket for the MK 1 Escort ? The type that is fastened with 2 bolts into the side of the rear chassis rail. Thank you
  11. indeed, and quite correct, what a sight.
  12. thanks all, however no luck yet. good idea that col had, but my wife would not drive either car even if i had found and bought a t/c anglia.
  13. i do not know of anyone building a car of this type, i wish i was better with a computer and therefore more able to perform a better search, thank you.
  14. hello all, anyone out there know of a lotus twincam powered anglia for sale. thanks.
  15. hello, does anyone have for sale a steel breather pipe/tube that fits to the front of the cam cover on the lotus twincam engine, or know who sells these items now. thanks for any ideas.
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