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  1. Also could anyone show me what I’d need to connect onto the three threaded prongs on the back as I never had a rev counter before so guessing will need to do something on them?
  2. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy new year! I have currently got the 1.3 clocks in my escort but would really like a rev guage as I’m running zetec turbo, so I’ve bought some sport dials that came with brand new replace clocks too! I’ve gone to swap out the old rev counter with the new one and as you can see in pics the old one has a plastic protection box around it but the new one doesn’t? The wiring is much nicer on the new one but the needle seems light compared to the old one as I can twist my wrist with the new ones and the needle lifts easy but the old one doesn’t… is there any issues with using the new one with no plastic box on it and will the light needle feeling get in the way of accuracy at all? Thanks all
  3. Is there a certain type or anything? Thanks mate
  4. Just to update what the outcome was I have gone for a strap now so I can conceal it with a cable tie behind the face of the car until the day (touch wood it doesn’t) comes of breaking down
  5. Looks great mate! It really does! anither question in relation to your car, are your seats Capri ones and been re trimmed? If so what are the materials used on them? Cheers
  6. As in the clips that hold the door cards on? Thanks
  7. I was going to say that the lowering blocks had location dowels and a hole which locked everything in place, now if I had taken the poly pad out the standard dowel and hole would align but the pad doesn’t allow this but we were thinking that as long as them 4 bolts are nice and tight and on nylon nuts surely it can’t move around? I have put a little line across the nut and the thread sticking out so I can see if it’s loosened but I just thought I’d check incase people were going to tell me some ntertibme stories from the past! 😆 thanks mate
  8. Hey I have removed my 1 inch lowering blocks as the car was too low and have now bolted back together without, I have poly pads on the blocks, I have put the poly pads back and then tightened back together, is this ok or should I have removed them? So it’s metal in metal
  9. Hi all, I have got a fully stripped interior currently and would like to start putting things back, I’ve managed to find some door cards but the clips have snapped off. Are these a generic thing you can buy or special to the door cards specifically thanks 🙏🏼
  10. Hey you lovely lot, it’s me again… this time I’m getting rid of my omp bucket seats and putting in somme recaros… in terms of getting them in is there any easy way to get them to fit or do they fit the old rs turbo/Capri recaros straight In? Thanks
  11. What suspension set up do you have with the wheels? Looks lovely mate
  12. I have found a cheaper one 👌🏼 Ordered and can’t wait to sort it out! Panics me it being in storage away from me and a spark could set the whole place up with that open ended pipe jjst going inside the car, so glad to have came across this forum
  13. Thankyou so much for this mate you totally nailed it I’m now going to run the pipe that goes to the filler overspill directly out the car instead and leave the filler OS as I wont ever spill fuel there thanks again for putting me straight
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