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  1. Yes i am a bit wary but have been reliably informed by someone who has done this that the drivetrains are exactly the same between Ford KA and Fiat 500 of the same years. My main concern is the Ford stop/start system, and not being able to source a gearbox from a similar stop/start KA. But someone has said it's not the gearboxes that differ it's triggered from somewhere else-maybe ecu/gear selector/clutch pedal etc. but seeing as there is an on/off switch on the dash for stop/start i can just keep it switched off & it won't matter - famous last words....
  2. Right it seems the boxes are standard and should work fine. Got a low mile Fiat box coming so we'll see lol.
  3. Looks like my 2011 KA stop/start gearbox is shagged. Quick question for anyone in the know-would a standard non stop/start box work if i fitted one? Struggling to find a stop/start version, can't afford to have mine rebuilt so looking at 2nd hand options (not ideal i know but in a hole here) I know Fiat 500 use the same engine/box, but would a normal box actually work or would it screw with the ECU or sensors etc telling the car something is wrong and it going into limp mode. The stop/start function can be switched on or off with a button on dash so thinking it may be ok to use a normal gearbox. I rarely use the function anyway. Cheers for any advice.
  4. meXEco

    Old skool BMX

    They're vinyl mine are fabric/nylon type-and they'd look far too new lol unfortunately thanks tho bud.
  5. meXEco

    Old skool BMX

    Just dropped of to a good mate who runs a bike shop in Penryn. He's gonna strip it down so i can take the rims/hubs/crank/chain etc and clean up the rust he said the wheels will come up alright. Re-grease all the bearings and fit new inner brake cables. Got some new suede type brake blocks coming as there's an odd one on there, also an original pair of gold levers as they're an odd pair. New yellow fat/thin tyres are here-the original Vredesteins are like chalk lol. Just got to find a fabric yellow stem pad and it's complete again. Can't wait to ride it.
  6. meXEco

    Old skool BMX

    Oh and kickstand was first thing to go...🤣
  7. meXEco

    Old skool BMX

    Just picked up this survivor Raleigh Burner, 1983 mk1 phase 2, in mostly original condition. Needs the rims & hubs refurbing or probably replacing as they look too far gone ( got some new replacement tyres coming ) and at the very least some new grease in the bearings. Very pleased with it as they fetch bloody good money nowadays.
  8. Even if it's exempt from an MOT, isn't it an offence to drive with a dangerous fault (same as with MOT able cars)? If so why do people thing it's ok to not bother? Just to save a few quid-it's mental really.
  9. What did Chris Rock find on his face on Monday morning? Fresh prints.....
  10. meXEco

    KA mk2 key

    Just got it done down Timpsons as was shopping anyway.
  11. Funny i was thinking the same the other day regarding buying online etc. and not having a paper trail to back up purchases-bit late now lol...
  12. What are peoples thoughts or experiences with cat S/N newish cars? Thinking of getting something new (new to me not brand new) as a daily, and usually these cars are significantly cheaper than their non classed counterparts. Looking in particular at cat N as non structural. I understand some insurers don't like them, and if i were to use Go Compare etc. for a quote would that flag up on their system as a cat N and be taken into consideration, or do i have to state it's a cat N myself as i can't see anywhere to enter this. I would keep the car for quite a while not buying for a quick flip, so what are your thoughts please?
  13. meXEco

    KA mk2 key

    Yes mate i may be selling the KA and it seems 2 keys are preferred obviously so will get one done.
  14. meXEco

    KA mk2 key

    Right just popped down there-he put it in a key reader thingy and it does have a transponder fitted-so £75 for a new key and programmed to my car. Probably can get it cheaper if i shopped around.
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