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  1. meXEco

    KA mk2 key

    Yes mate i may be selling the KA and it seems 2 keys are preferred obviously so will get one done.
  2. meXEco

    KA mk2 key

    Right just popped down there-he put it in a key reader thingy and it does have a transponder fitted-so £75 for a new key and programmed to my car. Probably can get it cheaper if i shopped around.
  3. meXEco

    KA mk2 key

    Yep apparently there's a Timpsons outside our local big Tescos so i'll nip in & see what they can do.
  4. meXEco

    KA mk2 key

    Messaged the bloke on eBay about the key above-he said some keys do & some keys don't have transponders, if it doesn't have a slot for a transponder it doesn't have one.
  5. meXEco

    KA mk2 key

    Cheers will look into that.
  6. meXEco

    KA mk2 key

    Well i found a blank-but it does indeed state it needs a transponder fitting so i guess i'll have to take it to a garage to be done? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123108989460?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  7. meXEco

    KA mk2 key

    No-just a solid black plastic fob which doesn't seem to have anything in it, or come apart. No central locking either it's the base model.
  8. meXEco

    KA mk2 key

    Ok isn't this just a key though-no gizmos inside or is there?
  9. meXEco

    KA mk2 key

    How much should i be paying for a new key for the mk2 KA-not remote just normal key-i only have one need a spare-and who would do one-cheers.
  10. Right oil not apparently coming from turbo-garage washed down old oil and cleaned up-fixed other little bits-all done for £90 was expecting a bad phone call but he rang and said it's mot'd-happy days. Will keep an eye on engine bay for signs of a leak.
  11. Yeah i did think that-i'm just a pessimist lol so if it isn't the turbo i'll be happy.
  12. Hopefully-we'll see what the garage says next week. I have found a new turbo on eBay with fitting kit for £410 which seems ok-although fitting one looks like a right pain?
  13. Had a quick look on eBay and literally every new turbo i looked at was from China-even though i clicked UK only-hate that...
  14. We bought 2 years ago for £750 which seemed cheap compared to others advertised. Prob value it the same now. Would prefer new/rebuilt for peace of mind. Local garage would have to fit it. Would keep the car as long as it's feasible to do so, have spent a few hundred on bits since owning and its been pretty reliable and good on fuel so dont wanna have to scrap it-got a quote of £200 scrap value. Could buy something else £500-1000 but that could open a whole new can of worms lol. Mates having a look next week it may not be the turbo just a leak, but way things have been going for me lately i won't be surprised...
  15. I have a 58 plate Focus Econetic daily, and after just failing mot due to excess oil around the turbo amongst other minor things, what would i be looking at price wise for either a new turbo fitted or repaired, and what type of turbo should i be looking for? Thought it may not be worth doing and getting something else-but if i do fix it i know thats gonna be ok for a few years and could be buying something else with problems? Fact we've just been given notice on our rented accommodation doesn't help either...
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