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  1. All depends on how much weight there is over them! A fester ain't the weightest object on the road and it ain't got 3 - 400kgs of V8 up front so I'd be wary about hitting them too hard as locked wheels don't stop fer toffee!
  2. Certainly not a std. gear set then as that ratio has NEVER been available from Ford in a Type E case! Possibly a competition set of gears or even a '2000E' box as their quoted 2nd is close to the stated figure and these were fitted to early Twin Cams, RS1600's and mk1 Mexico's ?
  3. RS lever hole is in different place compared to normal - same as T9 actually, so you'll be cutting a new hole whatever! If you want a 4sp - keep the T9 and don't use 5th LOL!
  4. Not unless the hubs change from 4 stud to 5 they won't!
  5. At least i'm not the only one to hate Ford Loom's, i'm sure they made the colours up to suit whatever was handy at the time!
  6. I overstated my HP pump flow . . . . . its 155L / hr not per Minute LOL! If it was, it'd be making about 10,000hp !
  7. Quick diagnostic - does the fuel system have a return fuel line back to the tank? If yes, you will have a regulator fitted / required at end of fuel rail and if not it is a deadhead system with regulation done in the tank. Pretty much any EFI pump will have sufficient capacity (i've got a 155L / Minute pump for my Blacktop) and I use a 3bar Webcon regulator although I believe the std. Mondeo regulator value was 2.7bar. This is critical as pressure affects volume of fuel injected, so higher pressure for a given map value will be richer!
  8. Don't forget RP that LHD cars have remote mirrors, on the left as well, so I think the supplied numbers were probably equal or only slightly biased to RHD. If anyone is interested I have a passenger side remote mirror and spacer that I don't want / won't fit (even though they are of more use compared to a drivers side one!)
  9. And the gasket ain't the same shape as a std. mirror anyway!
  10. Full on, next level engine swappage! With pic's of the engine in the bay, I thought its a tiny unit with so much space around it . . . . . then noticed the firewall and scuttle were missing LOL! I too love the 5 cylinder growl so it'll be interesting coming out from under an Escort bonnet!
  11. Er ! As it is a 'press to make' switch there is no contact in neutral so no earth connection to light so rear won't light up no matter which way the wires / pins connected ! Only when switch is made can electrons flow via light and switch to earth / ground.
  12. I'm supposing that 'FF wheels' are intended for FF racing, using Hewland gearboxes and IRS suspension with Uprights and Hubs made by who knows? It would be logical that they use a Ford PCD for the studs but its not guaranteed!
  13. Didn't they go out of fashion in the 50's - bit like those Ford designers LOL!
  14. In my experience if it ain't puffing blue smoke or issuing steady hazy blue smoke at any rev's - its unlikely to be turbo seals therefore replacement would only achieve a big bill! As said, more likely a hose or connection gone bad or look to other sources like the cam cover seal - notorious for leaking oil over everything. Best to wash engine down with degreaser and see where its really coming from!
  15. Good God! It was hideous as a prototype as well but at least the double stacked wing came in useful later on LOL!
  16. Your car - your risk! Frankly I think the tyre guy is BS ing you as Ford only ever fitted 5.5", 6.0" and 7.5" alloy rims, fitted with 165 & 175 / 70 x 13" to narrow rims and 205 / 60 x 13" to the wider - and that would be the 'manufacturer resource' the insurance would use in case of a severe claim! Doing an internet search, pretty much every place only recommended a 5" to 6" rim width for your size tyres !
  17. Something's not gelling between your first post and the pics above. You say its a 1980 car and the nosecone would tend to support that but the interior and the bootlid / rear end say pre 1977/78? It could just be part of its history but the 'curtains don't match the carpet' so to speak?
  18. It probably won't do much good but you should send a complaint to the Planning dept as the access requirement should have been allowed for within their Planning Approval - this is clearly in breach. Is the road an adopted one ie. maintained by local highways authority? If so a complaint to them also regarding the condition and state of the highway should set a fire under their butts as highway safety is always a good topic to start a discussion with!
  19. Bloody Hell RP - you call your doris - 'Fido' LOL!
  20. Massive amount of jealousy here just because of that! LOL Try it in a 17' x 8'6" concrete prefab with no power ! ! ! eh, eh, eh!
  21. Wheel's definitely off that wagon LOL! Regarding enthusiasm, I can sympathise as I just need to renew a throttle position sensor to get my car running again so it can be mapped and finished but in a cold. damp garage and having to work outside I just can't be arsed! LOL! The axle brace - why? It'll be a fair amount of work to achieve what exactly as it'll never look standard? But the airbox shouldn't be more than an hour or so . . . . . . . brew and biccies and attack, you know you want to!
  22. Does the 'ragdoll' thing mean physical abuse is ok? Good for most cats IMO!
  23. How does that work on a cold start on a cold day with thick oil - starter has to be dragging 200 - 300 amps?
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