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  1. @BaileyMex treat yourself to the FR56,three eletrode spark plug. Not a bigger spark,but a guaranteed spark. Or there is,Beru UXF56. Just use a 16mill socket
  2. Anybody wanting wheel bearings pressed in/out,let me know. I have lost interest in finding a garage that is prepared to do it,I've ended up buying one. Manchester area sierra3dr@hotmail.com
  3. Anybody wanting wheel bearings pressed in/out,let me know. I have lost interest in finding a garage that is prepared to do it,I've ended up buying one. Manchester area sierra3dr@hotmail.com
  4. I've always use Ethylene glycol on my 70s/80s/90s cars When I bought my Cortina,I poured in 100% neat Bluecol BLA005 to make sure the internals get nourished well. As we know,when we drain the coolant,not all of the old coolant comes out. So when I poured in the Bluecol,it was slightly diluted. I driven it for a day,so it gets pumped around the system. Once cooled,I drain it and then dilute it accordingly.
  5. https://www.itv.com/hub/the-protectors/ENT1316a0023
  6. Tweedale way, Gary's funeral courtage will be heading along Tweedale way, Chadderton at 13:50, for those that would like to join and follow Gary on his final journey to Blackley Crematorium for his funeral service at 14:30. Everybody has been asked to wear brightly coloured socks something Gary was known for.Chadderton at 13:50
  7. Some of you might know Gary Lloyd (he was restoring a Minker) it is sad news that he has passed away. Would members from the Manchester area,be interested in being part of a convoy at his funeral? No date has been given yet
  8. Anyone know more about this setup,looks interesting
  9. Hello Stuart,I wish you all the best with sale. I'll share your sale on the Sierra forums. With this being a November 1992 build, it's a cat test for the emissions. 2000 quid is reasonable offer
  10. true,but are they still getting produced? There could be a time when they start becoming rare.
  11. Thanks. What I have in mind is,is adapting one of these to the TCA
  12. Hello all,has anyone looked into modifying the ball joint end of the TCA? The Sierras,Capris,Escorts etc are similar. I've opened up the ball joint housing. It's the plastic seating that the ball joint sits,is what actually wears out. I've been exploring on using a ball joint that's actually for a wishbone,for the Sierra. The problem is,that the casting on the ball joint end is cone shaped
  13. That's because the drain hole tubes on most cars,are not long enough. In my case,Cortina drain holes end at the end of the A and C pillar
  14. In search for a roof with sunroof for my MK5,thanks
  15. Just been window shopping for MK1 Sierra panels and noticed Van Wezel might still do OSF panels http://www.vanwezel.be/Cata2015_Web.pdf and http://www.rhibo.it/index.php/en/cataloghi/catalogo-lamierati/category/ford
  16. Still up for sale....most likely not the best time to be selling
  17. Ah yes,forgot to add that....£3700. And the location is M24 1UQ
  18. Unfortunately I'm having to sell my Capri because I've downsized my workshop. I had purchased this in December 2019 and driven it back home,but the radiator had popped. I've installed a non-automatic radiator with a separate oil cooler. heater blower doesn't work,but trickles through. Passenger window needs bonding to the lifting mechanism. I would be surprised it will pass the next MOT which is due in January the 23rd,as there is rot issues on the inner wing and around the front of the rear arch near the leaf springs. I have video footage of the underside and and external sierra3dr@hotmail.com. It is a bit tatty,but it is a 90% solid Capri.
  19. I wonder how good these are? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-12V-2T-Electric-Scissor-Car-Jack-Lift-Impact-Wrench-Automotive-Emergency-Tool/392875072841?epid=7037019314&hash=item5b792ddd49:g:rFAAAOSwQp1fED1g
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