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  1. KJ 1320


    What type and what cc injectors are they mate
  2. Paul Dickens is on Retards Club mate pauldickensmotorsport
  3. Just waiting Paul Please vote below only if you competed in 2014 with your thoughts on this and a decision will be taken at the cut off which is January 31st 2015
  4. I'm looking forward to it,will be giving it a more aggressive tune for next year
  5. Hi Jamie,It does help in some ways but we get all the information we need from the data logger
  6. KJ 1320

    4 or 5 speed

    I would either change your diff ratio or try a smaller diameter rear tyre Mark
  7. I think we should drop a round as it would make it even more competitive than it already is
  8. KJ 1320

    4 or 5 speed

    Do you know what revs you are crossing the line at Mark
  9. Thanks for the comments running in the 8's has been teasing me for a while but we have made it
  10. I personally feel that any drag strip running events for us to play at gets my vote
  11. Pros easily achievable 180-200 bhp good strong engine when built correctly masses of parts out there for this conversion cons new parts for the conversion are quite expensive gives the ford purists the hump because it's "A VAUXHALL" (or is that a Pro!) lol Good easy conversion to do
  12. lol.. we all are mate,that's what makes the site fun
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