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  1. Classic Car odds n sods for sale, all prices inc P&P for Uk postcodes. Silver dashboard i believe is a Fiat 124 Spider but not sure? anyone know different please? Collection available from Boston Lincs. A: 3000 V6 badge inserts (unused) £15 😧 Lucas glass amber lenses 488 (pair) £12 E: Lucas clear lens with trim L 594 £8.50 F: 2x White glass lenses (unknown) £8.50 G: Triple 52mm gauge mount (unused) £12 H: Twin 52mm Gauge mount (new) £10 I: 2x Single 52mm Gauge mounts (new) £12 J: Ford Galaxie 500, 70-71-72, pillar badge (pins intact) £25 M: Mk3 Cortina Dash Clocks £39.50 N: Fiat 124 Sport / Spider ??? Dashboard £55 may suit kit car or special / custom build All can be collected from Boston Lincs. 07734802699,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  2. Started on fitting the O/S anti rollbar mount, jigged up an demensions double checked, started to weld on an Mig torch decides to melt itself, oh well have a break a few days an get some spares
  3. this page is a good resource for tyre size and it shows yr well under size as Katana suggested https://www.tyresizecalculator.com/tyre-wheel-calculators/tyre-size-for-rim-size-width-calculator
  4. Thanks I do keep trying, wish i had proper and better tools to make these things lol
  5. yeh i get that, but check with the tyre manufacturer if those tyres are ok on a 7.5" rim?, as i know of 2 people now who's classics have been written off in accidents and insurance didnt pay out because tyres were incorrect size for rims, insurance co's love a stupid reason not to pay out
  6. not a lover of letter painting but it seems to suit on some vehicles, yours look ok as not to much on, what bothers me more is the undersized tyres on your rims, they look very stretched, just not wide enough?, i know that seems to be a fashion these days? Lovely Wheels though
  7. Bit more done today Finished the hole repair under the Plenum chamber today. Fitted all the guts to the anti roll bar chassis mount and made the two panels for under the Rad support, (not quite finished yet) not sure wether to bother putting the round holes in the upright panel as original?, not seeing the point of them yet?
  8. Thanks Fella an know what you mean, it was a sunny day yesterday though lol, the last 3 weeks i've been in the garage but its only a single so not much room an blo ody feezing with it, but onwards an upwards ay
  9. Removed one of the old replacement top plates today, More more more, one day i will find some good metal 😆
  10. Day by Day bit by bit slowly getting there, welding to 60 yr old metal is a right chore an lots of swearing still some grinding finishing an touch up welds to do
  11. Mk 1 Cortina repair panels wanted, Prefer new panels but some good ones cut out may be usefull, yes I know I can buy some of them from Expressed and or the Owners club but hoping someone may have some left over from a restoration, I can make some of them if I cant get any ? 1, O/S Top plate deep type as in picture, New only wanted. 2, O/S Chassis rail end, anti roll bar mount part, 3, Upper & Lower radiator support panels, new only please. 4, N/S Outer half of closure panel under wing ( as picture) 5, O/S Triangular dished panel behind grill thats between radiator and headlamp.
  12. Ok got the Front all jigged up so i can hopefully get the Top plates, Bonnet Hinges an Anti rollbar mounts all back on in Spec, now onto the Tin worm removal an some panel fabrication after Xmas
  13. Right another day with the slitter disc, all in now the whole front had to come off so i can sort out the hidden rust and old bodge ups, thats Me with plenty to do for the winter, got Me some nice top mounts cheap though
  14. yeh thats just what i said in my head lol, now if it had not been on the trolley it would of hit the bumper lol
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