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  1. MX5 is a sweet n easy n cheap way to go, the g/box is a good unit too
  2. building a diff is not for a beginner without the correct tools, ideally you also want some engineers blue or a few permanant markers, i've seen it done with grease, pinion brg preload with the crush tube is important, first job is get the diff out, you may need a halfshaft puller, some fall out an some are a right bastad lol, order some new halfshaft seals as well, once diff is out wash the gears and inspect for damage and or shadows on the teeth face?, if all clear then get yr bearing kit an new pinion seal and rebuild it, best to find someone skilled in the job and watch them do it so as to learn, good luck
  3. also interested in another pair of V4 ones as in picture
  4. looks rather the same as Airflow to me , deffo not the same as Preairflow
  5. I would only use the blue glycol in our older engines especially the cast iron ones, an no tap water, only distilled / deionised water
  6. Picture for example, the V6 ones I have are transit i think and they arent shallow enough, the V4 ones are perfect but obviously a port missing, I may have to resort to cut n shut somehow?
  7. Have you tried Burtons or the Cortina owners club?
  8. I was there selling,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, was nice day an a good turnout
  9. Fenland 1st meet this sunday the 24th, at the Stickney autojumble, burger an tea van + toilets, free entry I'm gonna do a stall there Main road Stickney Boston PE22 8AG
  10. I would agree but the wrap rounds look too long to Me?
  11. Mirror £5 Water tank £6 Fog light £15 Might be Orion ? Ignition switch £30 with one key an choke cable, please note (see pics) the choke cable is cracked on its mount but still solid, some epoxy resin should sort it Indicator lenses £10 each Both L/H Engine mounts £8 plates may be modified see pics
  12. Pair of Orion rear lights and one New bulb holder / socket R/H £30 the lot plus post
  13. All £10 each plus post 2x Mk1 Fiesta 1x Mk1 Escort 2x OHC single choke carb
  14. Having a serious clear out of old parts in sheds to help fund the Cortina Project, got these bumpers to move on but unsure what they fit?, I've put what i thought some are but can any experts steer Me right please
  15. WANTED: Anyone have a flexplate (C3 box) for V6 auto 2.8 cologne engine please like the picture with the centre boss as well hopefully, whatsapp Me with pics an location please 07734 802699
  16. Classic Car odds n sods for sale, all prices inc P&P for Uk postcodes. Silver dashboard i believe is a Fiat 124 Spider but not sure? anyone know different please? Collection available from Boston Lincs. A: 3000 V6 badge inserts (unused) £15 😧 Lucas glass amber lenses 488 (pair) £12 E: Lucas clear lens with trim L 594 £8.50 F: 2x White glass lenses (unknown) £8.50 G: Triple 52mm gauge mount (unused) £12 H: Twin 52mm Gauge mount (new) £10 I: 2x Single 52mm Gauge mounts (new) £12 J: Ford Galaxie 500, 70-71-72, pillar badge (pins intact) £25 M: Mk3 Cortina Dash Clocks £39.50 N: Fiat 124 Sport / Spider ??? Dashboard £55 may suit kit car or special / custom build All can be collected from Boston Lincs. 07734802699,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  17. this page is a good resource for tyre size and it shows yr well under size as Katana suggested https://www.tyresizecalculator.com/tyre-wheel-calculators/tyre-size-for-rim-size-width-calculator
  18. yeh i get that, but check with the tyre manufacturer if those tyres are ok on a 7.5" rim?, as i know of 2 people now who's classics have been written off in accidents and insurance didnt pay out because tyres were incorrect size for rims, insurance co's love a stupid reason not to pay out
  19. not a lover of letter painting but it seems to suit on some vehicles, yours look ok as not to much on, what bothers me more is the undersized tyres on your rims, they look very stretched, just not wide enough?, i know that seems to be a fashion these days? Lovely Wheels though
  20. yeh thats just what i said in my head lol, now if it had not been on the trolley it would of hit the bumper lol
  21. Well Guess Who's been a Tw*t again!, Pushed the car back out the garage an straight into the Van's towbar!!!!!!!! it just had to line up with the rear light din it!!!!! I swear I'm gettin worse lately, better av a lay down with a V&C
  22. There is usually a few on evilbay, and often some on Marketplace / F*cebook
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