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  1. Thanks Gareth, much appreciated and enjoyed the build
  2. Looking good, wiring is a pain due to the age of the Harness and then switches. Like you, fit doesn’t all work, change switch and then working. Just think, on the road in the summer :-))))
  3. Thanks gents, it’s a labour of love and now it’s time to enjoy her Now that I finally put a post up will keep it alive with updates as all old fords need something done to them One thing I need to do is replace the worldcup cross member with the standard RS one as it’s too harsh on the road so that’s on the to do list
  4. What does she look like now few wee jobs left to do. Custom cam cover getting made, strut brace to install once cam cover done and finally rolling toad so looking forward to the summer Fir those starting, be patient and sometimes it’s good to walk away for a while but keep coming back as it will be worth it
  5. Next it’s the front lights, now that’s a long story as had first set of inners rechromed, was being fussy and wasn’t happy and then lucky as I met a genuine down to earth individual who let me have a set of new genuine ford lights first pictures are the rechromed set then the genuine set
  6. Let’s start with all the nuts, bolts, fasteners are rear of the car
  7. More Soundproofing and headlining next, original headlining used so straightforward fit
  8. Next, it’s to put everything else together so it can used
  9. Next the wiring, not my specialty and after thinking I had done a good job, didn’t do what it was supposed to so had to call for help, which was much appreciated
  10. Next it’s time to finally get the engine in the bay
  11. Fuel system next with original tank being used
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