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On 03/01/2020 at 09:21, Vista said:

Afraid the OSFDC pretty much moved lock stock and barrel to Retards Club mate. 


6 hours ago, Jiffer said:

sadly I'm just one of the people who doesn't do F book.

I put the effort and shite load of money into a car that Scott runs but never get to see it, ho hum.


6 hours ago, notenoughtime said:

I don’t do farcebook either

It still astonishes me those who restrict their membership and even business to faceache only. With them constantly violating peoples rights and privacy and being brought before the courts a sizable portion of the world simply refuses to be controlled by them. With these social media trends often being cyclic fads its only a matter of time before everyone moves on and where will that leave all the clubs and businesses?

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If you look back over the past few years of OSFDC information on this forum, there are virtually no replies and so FB became the place for OSFDC banter.   

There is also FULL coverage of each of the 6 rounds also in Classic Ford Magazine.


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