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  1. Surely they are cheap enough to buy anywhere? is it worth the risk if you suspect they may be impaired ? Or stick them on eBay as RS2000, RS1600, Mexico, Twin Cam, Harrier oil filters a quadruple your money 😁
  2. Cheers mate, I threw in the NGKBPR7ES's and they are doing their thing at the moment, I'll revert back to this thread when I need to change them again next time Thanks
  3. cheers mate I've picked up one with part number 711M6750 BA, which I am guessing goes with a 711M X-flow - that is using logic rather than fact
  4. OK, so this is NOT mine, but my brother in law Quick car and sticks to the road like mad. Appreciate this is not an OSF, but might appeal to someone. I can put you in touch if interested.. CheeRS FOR SALE 1380 mpi 5 speed 105BHP 650kg 1 OWNER FROM NEW 25 years old £14,995 ONO 1997 Rover Mini Cooper Multi Point Fuel Injection. Nightfire Red. Twin Fuel Tank Conversion. Flip Front. Full Safety Devices Roll Cage in Nightfire Black Pearl. Plexiglass side and rear windows. Carbon Fibre Bucket Seat Skins. Four Point Harnesses. Relocated Spare and Battery. Removed Rear Seat. Carbon Fibre Mk1 dash. Painted Number Plates. MK1 Grille Conversion. MK1 Rear Light Conversion. Engine Swiftune Road Rocket fitted by Gerald Dale Motorsport 1380cc SW10 276 cam. Roller Rockers. Omega Pistons. Competition Bearings. Maniflow Manifold into PlayMini rear. Dual ECU System by Abbey Motorsport. Solid subframe mounts. GAZ Dampers. Adjusta-Rides. Jack Knight 5 speed Straight Cut Gearbox. 12 inch Rover Minilite Alloys in Nightfire Black Pearl. Yokohama A048r tyres. Sump Guard. MotoLita Downton Steering Wheel. Carbon Fibre Front end Flip Front painted and raised Raw Weave Bonnet . Raw Weave Bumpers. Raw Weave Roof. Raw Weave Boot Floor. Painted Door Skins. Painted Rear Valance. Other 1 Owner from new. Engine and gearbox less than 10,000 miles. Dry stored for 12 years. MOT until May 2023. Mini Magazine Cover Car 2002. Mini Magazine Feature Car 2004.
  5. Hi all Bit of a techy question about dip sticks Does anyone know if the below dipsticks are actually any different in length of markings? or are they just to indicate which engine they came from? 711M6750 BA 751M6750 BA Cheers
  6. Cheers guys, the head looks fooked, and before I wreck it taking it out I want a replacement Thanks I'll have a rummage for a 3/16" / 10-32
  7. There's old skool and there is OLD SKOOL Love it!!!
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know the thread size and approx length of the bolt/screw that holds in the filer on an early Girling MK2b remote servo? Cheers
  9. Blimey mate, that's some stash you have there!!
  10. OK, so new plugs from the local motor factors, and balanced the 40's and seems to be a lot smoother and more responsive, the 40's were way out! Cheers for the input guys Spot the difference!!
  11. Popped out last night to a local meet, why not hey! The MK1 Tina was lovely, so was the bubble arch Twink, very clean all over
  12. Nice collection, I wouldn't have anywhere to park/store even half of those!
  13. Welcome to OSF mate You'll fit right in here, we have a varied mix of cars, some standard, some bonkers. What is in your collection at the moment?
  14. Nice one mate, looks tidy enough from those pics 👍
  15. Cheers mate, any pics of it finished?
  16. Cheers Yeah, it doesn't really get wet that often and out in wet and raining conditions.
  17. Cheers both Gordy, do you remember how many metres you used to wrap a typical 4 branch? Miniliteman, yeah I'd heard about getting them wet, certainly something to bear in mind 👍
  18. Yeah I've heard of that, but I suspect it costs a bomb, and the manifold is a 15 year old Ashley (with repairs 🤣), so probably not worth the investment in ceramic coating.
  19. Obviously this stiff exists for a reason, to reduce temperature in the engine bay by containing manifold heat within. But, in real world experiences, do people generally think it makes that much difference for a road car? never used it personally. And if so, how many metres did you get through wrapping a manifold? hard to gauge how many metres it would take 15m, 25m? CheeRS
  20. Could of taken loads more was a good show.
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