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  1. All I will say here is I’m a shell tanker driver and I buy esso
  2. Your car was the the round ones when you put it back on the road, the fact they painted the strip on and the fit and finish was top quality
  3. Browny you need to check out the for sale section, a set of diesel rods for sale mate get on it
  4. Pics taken at alan Mann’s funeral, my dad made loads of the bits for chitty when he worked for alan
  5. I live and learn, an engineer at ESSO told me that all fuels in that depot was 5% ethanol very odd
  6. This guy builds some amazing stuff, check out his channel
  7. True you will use more but it E85 will make more power in your engine once it’s retuned, but my god the water condensation that I have seen in engines over in the states that run the stuff is unreal, way more maintenance to be to run the stuff everyday
  8. Yes mate all petrol has been 5% for ages
  9. Super will remain at 5% ethanol so if you have any problems you will have to buy that, but I don’t know how long it will remain at that level
  10. I bought a air blower/drier to use today and I’m well impressed with it, it’s all new to me this car cleaning lark lol IMG_3265.MOV
  11. Shell have hydrogen cells at garages now there would be more but covid put a stop to the construction of them
  12. Shell Fulham in London will be shells first all electric garage so it’s coming
  13. Ya seen a couple of sets fitted to engines by WPE he has reported no problems so far
  14. theloudboy


    Yep they the same people that ask me why petrol is so expensive as I’m delivering the stuff, the world is full of morons lol
  15. Both hi spec and wilwood do like for like replacement calipers
  16. Ya don’t bother I know 3 people that fitted the 6 speed and only used 5 of the gears, the 5 speed box is better
  17. Scott it’s still going on mate, that is why our last meet shut cos when we got chucked out of our second place tall Paul hah had enough
  18. Sorry the last meet we used to have for in the Basildon area and it used to be packed out in the summer, that meet was on a Tuesday night
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