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  1. In my opinion too much money if it was an original car for 37k it would still be too much money , although the engine is nice and different seats steering wheel etc it wouldn’t be for a purist
  2. Well I bought it because I haven’t seen one for years and blank genuine ford keys make that much and I’ve seen many more of them
  3. Welcome to OSF have you got any pics to share
  4. Welcome to OSF as said pics would be nice
  5. Hi mate got a switch panel no switches though
  6. Found them if there any good your welcome to them
  7. I’ve got a couple of old plates kicking around in the shed
  8. Yes loads James and they take lots of pictures and when we park up it’s people asking questions but it’s all good 👍👍
  9. Thanks very much for a brilliant day guys Some pics
  10. Hi Andy welcome to OSF have you checked mot history
  11. Hi welcome to Osf would be nice to see a picture of the XR2
  12. A very nice local show to me with 150 cars at one point
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