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Hello from HUGE - The Newest Newbie


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Hello all!

I figured you only get to be the ‘Newest Newbie’ once! Anyways up I own an Escort MK1 1973 1300GT original spec in baby sick yellow and its been mine for 16yrs and I proper love it, no loath it, no honestly it’s fantastic hold on, hold on let me calm down, I do PROPER love it.

Ive been restoring it & having it restored over the years bit by bit but she’s always been on the road driveable. I’m no mechanic, no body work expert but I desperately try to repair / restore it myself, she ain’t not perfect but she’s mine & she causes me stress & heartache yet somehow the hard work time & effort seems worth it!

Really glad to have a source of info, Ie OSF, I do know a bit about the MK1 but need help as I go along & havnt had anyone with knowledge to ask!

My first ever forum....too much!? 🤔😂

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2 hours ago, Monza said:

Welcome to OSF matey. Loads of very knowlegable boys on here. GT sounds great....any pics?

Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk

Thanks Monza pics attached - & is it the norm to just post a question?

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OMG....My first 24hrs with OSF & it’s confirmed ...I know nothing! You Guys just have sooooo much knowledge about, well, EVERYTHING its unreal!! Anyway here’s some pics of my very standard original MK1 1973 1300GT - does anybody keep a MK1 Escort as errrrr original?











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