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  1. go purchase a magnum mirror, they are quite cheap, throw the mirror in the bin for what theyre worth, but they come with 2 new seals to fit mk1 and mk2 doors and being new rubber they are soft, and yes they fit the ford mirror, done this on Nicks car
  2. tbh, with the tooling at £1500 alone per type, i dont think its viable on either of the cheese box type or the one in the picture, theres not enough demand for them, otherwise the people making the other one would have also done those, and the only way to make the other viable is to be an exact ford copy, if you leave the numbers out that ford put in, then youve just put yourself in competition with the repro one already out there, which is still available, and with the dealers, and people who are doing concourse restorations wont buy it for the same reasons they wont buy the repro one now, as they want theirs looking exact as possible and are prepared to pay the price for an original good or nos one
  3. there are 2 variants of that type shape bottle, the one you have and the one more popular is with the filler hole in the middle, i cant remember the part no off my head but its embossed in the front however, someone already makes a repro of the one with the centre filler hole, and it usually retails around £55, but it has the repro company logo and not the ford part no on the front now if you could copy that bottle, complete with the ford number, at a reasonable price, rather than a repro name or nothing at all, ie it looks like a genuine one, then i think you would have a market, genuine ford NOS usually fetch anything between £200 to £250 a pop, theres probably a market for the one in your picture, but it would be a lot smaller, i have seen very good used ones go over £200, the original bottles suffer with going off colour, but they also split on their mount slides, small splits can be repaired, but wide ones deem the bottle scrap
  4. dont know anyone who supplies new, but the later mk1s had them as well, if that helps broaden your search, as its the same lock i believe usually have to buy the whole thing to get it tho
  5. got sent this this morning, if you know who it is then youll see the funny side of it
  6. the TOYO yes, the rest of it is a no from me
  7. we were getting the std diameter ones from a rally outfit in ireland, however he dosnt have any listed at mo, every now and again they seem to sell out, try this seller Mk1/2 Escort STANDARD type front springs 4.75" o.d. 220lb -3" LOWER 7" long | eBay as the link dosnt seem to work, this is the e-bay item no. 174715253315 these are -3 220LB, but they do other sizes and poundages
  8. Ray


    nice cats scott
  9. at £370 id expect the custom ones to have the chrome trim, but they dont
  10. im using windows 10 on 2 different laptops each having different versions of 10, both using microsoft edge, and i cant copy and paste a link either
  11. this man makes a repro canceller for a mk1, https://www.neilfletcherracing.co.uk/sale_stuff.htm
  12. whilst i agree to an extent, while the majority dont and never pay, it has to stay higher, you have to get people paying to start with, to be able to assess any possible reduction
  13. its a case of looking at the facts Ian, forgetting shows and events, the site itself costs money to run, end of, if it dosnt get the funding it will eventually cease to exist, either that or someone like Scott will be putting their hands in their pockets for everyone elses advantage, Scott has tried doing it the nice way, but clearly being nice dosnt work, thats really where this comes from, as a few of us can see that, whereas most cant, and it takes getting a little pushy to get people to see it, sorry if that offends, but its fact, and £12 a year is not a lot, and tbh, if everyone contributed, it probably wouldnt need to be as much as that
  14. appreciation can be shown by way of joining the cult, for just £12 a year, thats just £1 a month to keep this best old skool fors forum alive
  15. let me know when you dangle the carrot then Scott, because from where i sit, theyre all taking the piss
  16. i think it needs a good advertising campaign on here tbh, that number is poor, perhaps a name and shame wouldnt go a miss
  17. it had to be said guys, please put your hands in your pockets and become cult members, the site needs the financial input, its impossible to keep this site alive on written input alone, and its still the CHEAPEST and BEST club out there
  18. The dates have been confirmed and we'd love to welcome you back at the NEC, Birmingham from 11-13 November 2022.
  19. http://www.classic-british-car-jacks.uk/
  20. Ford Jacks (classic-british-car-jacks.uk) stll cant paste a link
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