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  1. Col, stuff that insulation up the sides and cover all the gaps/holes under your rear shelf. I used Dodo Mat under my shelf. Definitely makes a difference.
  2. More or less bang on there, Katana. It's for fuel spillage. Mine is not connected, as I only fill from the pump. I changed my filler neck to a proper fuel rated hose a few years ago. Got it from Rally Design. There is a vent on the top of the tank that you can see in the pics below that I have run a copper pipe from and out through a grommet. This comes out behind my rear bumper. I think at some point in the future, I'd like to fit an original side mounted tank back in my car.
  3. This is the insulation I previously mentioned that's from B&Q. I'm currently using it in a van conversion as it doesn't absorb moisture. Get some of this and stuff it up the inner rear arches where the original insulation would have been. You can also put it behind the rear panels if you want a bit of sound insulation. This definitely helped reduce the smell into my car, as I have the same tank setup.
  4. Yes, it's a fine line between getting a car going and causing some slight and sometimes avoidable cosmetic damage. I wouldn't for a minute think you would complain, but you'd be surprised by how many people put complaints in after actually thanking roadside repair after they get them going. Definitely keep us updated, as this is an interesting one. Well, for us it is
  5. Yes, it can happen sometimes. This is the quickest thing to check. Failing that, check your brake lights are working when you press the pedal. If not, check the fuse and switches above the pedal, as these are part of the start interlock. Is there a small plastic circle/cover to the side of the gearstick. If yes, this can be popped out to help assist recovery of a dead car. Pop it out and then press down on the inside of it with a flatblade. Hopefully, this should allow the gearstick to move into neutral or park. Where is the car now, as you didn't say what the final outcome was?
  6. Just under the gearknob, there is a sleeve over the gearstick shaft. Give this a good pull upwards before you start stripping anything down or attacking the bonnet latch.
  7. Weather looks good. Might leave here about 10am if I can get my brother out of bed 😁
  8. You going to Glynneath Coffee Meet on Sunday?
  9. This thread has got me thinking and looked at the front of mine this morning. As it stands, I would need to be towed with an apex and insert a wooden roller across the chassis to prevent any spoiler damage. Used to do something very similar when front end suspending Landrovers with a Foden, so not to rip the bumper off during extended cross country recovery. Just had a quick look on Motorsport Tools and there are a few bits on there to help make something up: https://www.motorsport-tools.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=towing
  10. Does everyone who attends bring their cars and complete the tour or do some just do the camping side?
  11. The Dodo Matt has something very similar on the sticky side, so I reckon what you've done will work really well and make a big difference. 👍 When do you guestimate your car would be finished, to give it a try?
  12. Definitely the rear floor under the seat and rear firewall made the car quieter, above the axle/diff area. 1 pad under my bonnet was also very noticeable. I think the WCXM is causing the vibration in the bonnet area. Any large panel such as behind door panels will vibrate, so really 1 square behind each is enough. You'll notice a big difference on a panel that you rap your knuckles on when it's fitted, compared to not fitted. I would also look at doing all 4 footwell areas and up at the front bulkhead where the pedals and passenger feet would be. I plan on doing these areas and also 1 pad inside my front doors. I had a 1600 Sport when I was a teen and that had very minimal underlay under the main carpet. A friend of mine crashed his 1.6 Ghia, so I ended up scabbing a load of bits off his car. I wanted his carpet and when we pulled it out, his Ghia had a lot more soundproofing/underlay than mine. It was basically covering the whole floor area and again made a big difference when I fitted it to my Sport.
  13. Just do a quick check to confirm that the pos and neg posts are at the same corner orientation as yours. This way you know that your cables will reach OK.
  14. Euro Car parts have flat post batteries: https://www.eurocarparts.com/search/square terminal battery I swapped mine out for a Halfords round posts years ago and got some terminals from Carbuilder: https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/ You can get Motocraft battery stickers on Ebay if you want to make a new battery look close to an original: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203512440757
  15. No. The Dodo Matt has a peel off backing and each sheet is a little bit bigger than the size of an A4 sheet of paper. This side sticks to your chosen panel. The side that faces the carpet is a honey combed shiny foil. Your carpet would then just sit on top of it as normal. It's really easy to apply. Have a look on YouTube for people doing van conversions with it. Type Dodo Matt into Ebay and look for The Sound Deadening Shop as a seller.
  16. Yes, they can smell. I have the same tank and ran my breather pipe out via a grommet in the boot floor. What also helped was that I had some of the white plastic/pvc roof lagging from B&Q lying about. I stuffed this up above the rear wheel arches from the boot side, inside the rear wings. This stuff is good as it does not absorb any moisture. Look at where your boot hinges are and it's the area to the side and above the wheel arch. This would have originally had some thick foam in there when your car was new, but could well be missing now. This helped reduce the petrol smell inside my car.
  17. I've done under the rear shelf, firewall, rear seats, inner panels beside rear seat and rear footwells. I ran out of Dodo then 😂. I did fit some carpet felt over the Dodo under the rear seats too, but only because I had it. I do intend to do under the front seats and front footwells at some point. I also recently put one square of it on the centre underside of my bonnet, as it vibrated on tick over. This cut a lot of the vibration down and its now more pleasant when sat at idle. Some people use a similar product called Dynomat, but I'm more familiar with Dodo, as I've also used it for converting vans for chucking my pushbike in.
  18. That interior looks spotless, fair play. I think you'll be able to drop a rear seat straight in there with no cutting. Dodo Matt is used for sound deadening and anti vibration. It is really effective, but also adds weight. However, I'm not going racing, so not too bothered. This can also be very effective under a carpet too in cutting down noise and heat from an exhast. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sound-Deadening-Dodo-Mat-DEADN-Hex-20-Sheets-20sq-ft-Car-Vibration-Proofing-/152769297854?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  19. Landrover 90 for me. Easy to work on and spares readily available.
  20. Even if it's registered as Historic on your V5 you will still need to apply for a Road Fund License when it's due or you will fall foul of the SORN scenario. Go on the net and Google "Check if a vehicle is taxed". Put your reg in there and see what comes up in the Tax and MOT box. Below is an example of 2 cars/projects I have. Top one is Historic and the other is normal, but not intended to be on the road until next spring. This is what you're looking for on the "Check if a vehicle is taxed" Web page.
  21. Rear bench is simple to fit and doesn't need any additional brackets. I have a metal firewall behind my rear seats, but originally this would be some type of cardboard effort. I would recommend using Dodo Matt under the seat base and rear, as this made a big difference in the noise level. I also bought a new rear shelf from GS Escorts and put Dodo Matt under there too. Totally recommend the rear shelf, as it's much better quality than the original. Something you need to consider is the fact that you have a cage fitted, so this will impact on your seat. I would look at getting an old tatty one if you intend recovering it and cut it to fit around where your cage is fitted first off. I think RS Turbo seats will fit OK and can be trimmed to a similar pattern/stitch close to original style if that's what you want. Would also be quite comfortable too. Don't have any interior bits to sell, sorry. Only thing I really have that I might sell off are my 13" Minilights, but these would be a pain to post and would really be looking for a local pick up.
  22. Very nice. Was this at Combe about 2 years ago, parked in the first field area?
  23. Just checked mine and I have Cibie on the outside, with Carello on the inside. Wether these are correct, I've no idea 😁
  24. https://www.Retards Club.com/groups/oldskoolford/permalink/10166003213100224/?sale_post_id=10166003213100224
  25. Neil, did you put a castelated nut cover and split pin over the hub nut before fitting the cap?
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